Thursday, May 26, 2016

Body Art

Wow... I have posted a lot lately.  I've had some things on my mind. I find that fiddling with blog stuff has been helping me focus on other things, rather than the constant thoughts and worries that have been plaguing me. Sometimes you just need something for your mind to do.

Blogging SL fashion stuffs, is not exactly rocket science - it is not hard to do by any means.  But it does take some focus and concentration.  It is not just posting the actual post....there are pics to be taken, lists to be made, links to be linked...all that jazz. I think the photography part of it takes the longest for me. It is not just that my computer sucks at everything SL related, but I take a lot of snaps.... then I have to choose the ones that turned out somewhat worthy lol. Then crop, poke, prod until something I like emerges. So yea, takes some time and it keeps my mind off other things for a while.

Anywayyyyy......Today I was inspired by the gorgeous body art by Izzie's, Metallic Floral Tattoo. Inspired enough to just wear them and not much else :) This body art is so lovely. The hud comes with a selection of different colors as well.  I am wearing a nude/peach color in my pics, but I tried them all and they all look amazing.  These are going in My Favorite Things folder for sure :)

Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
Head: Genesis Liu (Rare Gacha)
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes - Nymph
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Amanda" (Moon stone)
Eyeshadow: 07 HUD_Genesis_Lab_Eyeshadows_FASHION_STROKE Bianca gacha (K9)
Lips: 12 HUD_Genesis_Lab_Lipstick_BRUISED ingrid gacha (Darkstyle Fair)
Necklace: (Yummy) Layered Chain Choker - Gold (C88)
Body Art: Izzie's - Metallic Floral Tattoo (Uber)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ex Machina

I am a huge Sci Fi geek.  Books, movies, TV...all of it!  Ex Machina is one of my favorite Sci Fi movies, in my top 20 for sure. I was watching it again the other night, so it has been on my mind for a couple of days. After shopping at Uber , I decided to create something that had the feel of that movie.

My intention was not to copy exactly how anyone looked in the movie, I just wanted an inspired look. The basic concept of the movie is; What is it to be human...and how can you prove that humanity.  I am putting a link to the IMDb page for the movie, above....just in case anyone is interested in finding out more about it.

Here is what I came up with, decided to keep it pretty simple :)

Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
Head: Genesis Liu (Rare Gacha)
Skin Applier: Genesis Kiara (Gacha)
Hair: .Shi : Ethereal . LBlonde (Uber)
Eye: IKON (Target texture for lining the eyes up :P)
Liner: 08 HUD_Genesis_Lab_Eyeshadows_GEOMETRY gacha (Darkstyle Fair)
Lips: 15 HUD_Genesis_Lab_Lipstick_GEOMETRY_MATTE gacha (Darkstyle Fair)
Dress: Dead Dollz Dune - Beach Robe - Black (Uber)
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Vallari Neck Collar
Shoes: R.icielli - NAYRA V2 High Heels for Maitreya / Black Silver

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Second Life for me is like a Barbie dream house.  I log in to shop, chat and play dress up...and when I chat, it is usually all about the dress up lol.  So, yea I spend a lot of time trying on demos, shopping, organizing my inventory and putting together looks.  I don't really have any particular set way that I go about things when playing dress up, I generally just sort of go with the flow. Sometimes I am inspired by a song, or a pop culture look, even inspired by my fellow bloggers and fllickrites.

Sometimes I am inspired by certain items I acquire in SL.  This was the case last night...3 things in particular caught my attention for most of the evening.  I am totally in love with these shoes from Empire, this hair from Rezology and the lipstick applier from the Genesis Ingrid gacha. I originally wanted to do something kind of Sci Fi noir, a Bladerunner inspired look I suppose. But because I was enjoying trying on all sorts of things with these items, I pretty much lost track of time..and my original themed idea got lost a long the way.  That happens a lot with me, lol.  So I decided to go ahead and snap shots of a few of my fave looks combined with all 3 items I was obsessing over:)

Ok now you have a small glimpse of how my mind works when playing SL dress up.  I am always wondering how others go about it, how they come up with their looks and styles. It is so interesting to me.

Okies.... I am done being chatty chatty lol, here are some pics!

Items Used in All Pics:
Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
Head: Genesis Liu (Rare Gacha - mainstore)
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes - Nymph
Lipstick: 15 HUD Genesis GEOMETRY MATTE Ingrid gacha (Darkstyle Fair)
Eyeliner:~Shiny Stuffs~ Genesis Liu Make Up Appliers
Hair: rezology Victory Rolls 
Shoes: #EMPIRE - Crocus 
Necklace1: MONS / MESH - Choker (FREE - group gift)
Necklace2: MG - Necklace - Hula Lula Set
Earrings: MG - Necklace - Hula Lula Set

Items Listed From Left to Right:

1st Look:
Jacket: Mimikri - Alba Fur Jacket black
Lingerie: erratic / eden - lingerie / noir SET (maitreya) 

2nd Look:
Dress: -tres blah- Belted Shift (Luxebox)

3rd Look:
Dress: Addams // Vera Tight Holes Dress // Black
Tattoo: The Ivory Rose Beautiful Dreamer

4th Look:
Top: dami crop (FREE - The Chapter 4 gift)
Pants: F.A.T Daiki Suspender Pant (Black Stripped) (Mens Standard fit)

5th Look:
Top: Blueberry - Luxe Box - Leign Bustiers
Skirt: Tee*fy Blossom Ruffles Shorts - Black (Maitreya)

I love Big Bang and G Dragon both for their style and music.  G Dragon's amazing style always inspires I chose the Crooked video because of course the song is fantastic, but also really shows off his sense of style.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Sooooo, the famous Luxebox was given out a few days ago.... I guess it is infamous in some circles lol.  I am not going to say a whole lot about it, except that I really enjoyed the whole thing.  I loved the anticipation of waiting until the 15th.... like waiting for Christmas morning when I was a kid.  I loved opening up the mysterious box we had all waited for.  And lastly, I was very happy with the items we received. Of course there were a couple of things, that were not quite my style....but that was really OK with me,  I am sure those items appealed to many others.  I completely feel like I got my money's worth and way more. And above and beyond that, I had a ton of fun with it :D

So that is that! On with the show.  This gorgeous Tshirt by Foxes, is one of the lovely items that came in the Luxebox,  I think it is my very favorite.  It comes with a texture change HUD that includes plain versions of the Tshirt as well.

A new hair release by Magika called Summer is out and it is BEAUTIFUL! are all Magika's hairs.  I loooove Magika's hair textures with all of my blonde texture on the grid in my opinion.  This is a must have :D

Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
Head: Genesis Liu (rare gacha)
Eyebrows: DeeTaleZ Mesh Brows Layer (We<3 RP)
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes - Nymph
Hair: Magika - 01 - Summer
Top: Foxes - Vintage Tied Tees - LuxeBox Exclusive 
Skirt: !gO! Agata skirt - vanilla
Shoes: ...Mutresse... Gugu Sandals - 18 Colors (C88)
Hair Wreath: =Zenith=Tulips bloom Corolla
Necklaces: SPELL : Branch choker/Two moons pendant (gachas) (The Chapter 4)

Friday, May 13, 2016


I love that in SL we can be as flawed and flawless as want or need to be :)

I had fun with my dress up this evening, so many gorgeous new shiny things out right now, ok there is always gorgeous new shiny things out.....buuuuut w/e, I love all those shiny things!

This outfit started out with these fabulous shoes by Pure Poison, they come with a color hud, so you can mix and match the colors on different parts of the shoe. yay :)  I loved the black and white look on these shoes, so I decided to only wear black and white for my entire outfit and I am really happy with the end result.  Btw I had to do this just from what I'd already bought and could find in my inventory.  Errrm was not hard to do, considering...I do buy a lot of those two colors :P is that look :)

Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
Head: Genesis Liu (Rare Gacha - in main store)
Hair: tram D427 hair / shell&creamyellow
Lipstick: ~Shiny Stuffs~ Genesis Classy Lip Appliers
Top: erratic / janelle - crop top / flawless (maitreya) 
Skirt: Valentina E Helene Ensemble Noir (The Chapter 4)
Shoes: Pure Poison - Neva Sandals (Collabor88)
Earrings: Pure Poison - Nathalie Earrings - Silver (FREE - group gift gacha)
Necklace: *{Junbug}* FaMESHed 4th Anniversary Gift (FREE)
Glasses: Reign REIGN.- Hippy Glasses # 13 (gacha)
Rings: Kibitz - Rosie rings - silver

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Day & Night with Neve!

Neve has these new pants with flair legs that I totally love :) Each pack comes with a HUD of four colors, belt options, and pant length (very cool!) While I was there I picked up this sexy LBD.. I have a hard time resisting the LBDs ><  So thank you Neve for your classy creations :)


Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
Head: Genesis Liu (rare gacha item)
Eyes: IKON Hope - Blue
Lipstick: Shiny Stuffs Classy Lips for Genesis Heads 2.0
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\  Monica - Basics (Kustom9)
Shirt: Addams // Rome Body Shirt // White Maitreya
Pants: neve pant - donna neutral Maitreya
Pearls: MG - Necklace - Alexa White Choker Pearls
Glasses: (Yummy) Stealth Shades - Black


Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
Head: Genesis Liu (rare gacha item)
Eyes: IKON Hope - Blue
Lipstick: Shiny Stuffs Classy Lips for Genesis Heads 2.0
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\  Monica - Basics (Kustom9)
Dress: neve dress - jazzy neutral Maitreya
Pearls: ^^Swallow^^ Elizabeth Necklace UPDATE
Shoes: #EMPIRE - Bergamot (unpacked) Maitreya