Tuesday, January 10, 2017

OMG... This Dress!!

I love C88 and I love this dress :) Seriously, how gorgeous is the dress by Cynful?  This exactly the type of thing I love, and I may not take it off :P  Also, I adore this hair by Lamb at C88 as well.  I always love how pretty and messy Lamb hairs are at the same time...I think Lamb has been my favorite hair store since I found it wayyyy back when :)

Head: CATWA Catya (bento)
Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
Hair: Lamb Cat Rider (C88)
Dress: Cynful Goal Digger (C88)

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Sweaters don't have to be Ugly :P

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that jazz !

I know we all love and cherish our ugly Christmas sweaters, but I am ok with cute ones too :D  Tres Blah has a new group gift out, cute Olsen sweatshirt, that come in 5 styles.  It also comes with Maitreya, Physique, Hourglass, Freya and Isis sizes.  There is a group fee of 100L, a very reasonable fee imo ;)

Head: Lelutka Simone 2.0 (Bento Version)
Body:  Maitreya Lara 3.5
Head applier: Glam Affair Carolina for Lelutka
Sweater: Tres Blah  Olsen Sweatshirt (Group Gift - fee 100L)
Shorts: Addams Shaki Shorts with Straps
Boots: Empire (December 2016 Luxe Box)
Necklace 1: Foxy Celestial Choker
Necklace 2: Yummy (C88)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Lelutka Bento!

I got myself the new Lelutka Simone, updated for bento.  I was never really all that excited about bento for heads. I was looking more forward to bento hands. I have, however, found myself having a ton of fun with the bento heads :D  I've felt totally out of practice with the head sliders... I didn't realize it had been so long since they got any use.  I have made a few shapes, just playing around.  I cannot really decide on the 'ONE' shape to rule them all :P  But, I like it that way.  I like to change things up, and now with bento heads... I can do that anytime I want, w/out having to buy another mesh head to add to the ever growing pile of them.

I think after some fiddling around with the Catwa bento head, I will prob get that one as well.  I am going to continue making makeup, so really need to have that head anyway.  I am also working on some make up sets for the Lelutka.  I am having a bit harder of a time with that one, so it is taking me some time to get that one worked out ><

Anywhoooo, here is a couple of snaps of the new Lelutka after I poked and prodded the sliders :D

Head: Lelutka Simone (updated for bento)
Head Applier: Glam Affair Carolina (Lelutka Mainstore)
Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
Hair: Foxy Cryboy
Jacket/Sweater: Pixicat Puffer Jacket (N21)
Jeans: Spirit Abba Jeans 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Updated Viewer Happiness :D

Yay! Finally we've got an FS update :)  Bento is Amahhhzing and all that...BUT, this update has been the bees knees for wayyy more than bento.  This version of FS is the very best so far for me.  I have been struggling for a year to stay in SL.  Each new version of FS was making it even more frustrating. This update is like breathing new air!  I am happy for sure.  Now maybe I can finally relax a bit....and do my thing, and not fight every step and cam move I try to take.  Since last update before this, even taking pics became a battle....taking up a whole evening just for a shot.  It made blogging and creating a serious pain in the ass lol.  

Sooooo Cheers to the FS team! I feel like you've done the impossible, and I am super happy about that :D

So, here is my first blog post with my first pics (that took all of about 5 mins to take lol) using the new updated FS :D

Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
Head: CATWA Alice
Make up: Shiny Stuffs Shine n Gloss Catwa Appliers
Hair: Sn@tch Bombshell
Top: Dead Dollz Arcadia Dress (Winter Trend)
Pants: Flowey Party Leggins (C88)
Shoes: Nardcotix Liz Stiletto
Rings: Kibitz

Monday, November 7, 2016

A Tad Late.......

.....I meant to post this last Friday, as some of the items are from Fifty Linden Friday.  I was unable to get it up on the blog at that time. Soooooo , going to go ahead and post it late....what can ya do? Life gets busy *shrugs*

Body: Maitreya Lara
Head: Catwa Alice
Hair: Wasabi Pills Marissa Mesh Hair
Top: ma.line / Aria Collection / Ivory
Skirt: TETRA High Asymmetric Drape Skirt
Shoes: Reign Ribbon Heels ( Luxe box August )
Necklace: Amala - The Kylie Choker - Thick
Head Dress: [Gauze] Lothlorien Headdress: Hrive (Hunt item)(Pulse Games: Nowhere)(Sn@tch)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Boots & Hair! What more could I possibly need .........

.... well, I do need more boots and hair, but that goes without saying :)

Reign had a flash sale a few days ago, and I grabbed a couple of things, including these smexy boots :D While digging around in my inventory, I found this dress by Villena.  I had forgotten that I bought it last round of Uber (I think it was Uber) o.O. A nice surprise :)  It's always fun to find treasures in my inventory lol.  Anyway, I love it with the Reign boots, it's like they were meant to be :D

Spellbound has a couple of new releases this month.  I have really loved Spellbound hair for a long time.  The textures are gorgeous and the styles are always so interesting and unique. Definitely check them out if you haven't already :)

This choker.....is....everything!  I love it sooooo much, I've been wearing it non stop.  It is by Yummy, one of my top fave jewelry designers. It is currently at N21 and it comes in several colors ;) I am a sucker for chokers and LBDs..... I can admit my weaknesses :P

Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
Head: Catwa Destiny
Eyes: IKON Triumph Nymph
Hair 1: Spellbound - Lionhearted
Hair 2: Spellbound - Augustine
Lipstick & Liner:  Shiny Stuffs - Luscious Lips & Liners CATWA appliers
Dress: Villena - 2 Piece dress 
Boots: Reign - Rogue Stomper Plats
Choker: (Yummy) Tresser Choker (N21)

I love PATD, one of my very faves! Sooooo, this is the new song, which is amazing....BUT WTF is going on with this video.  I am used to weird ass PATD vids, but seriously...this one takes the cake :P Also .... Hey, its that kid from Stranger Things :D

Friday, September 16, 2016

It's Sweater Weather :)

....Summer has ended here and now the days are sunny, cool and crisp...just right for wearing pretty sweaters.  One of the prettiest sweaters I've seen in SL is this new Tres Blah sweater that came in the September Luxe box. It looks great with everything.  It works especially well with the Ison pants that were also in this months Luxe box, and these pants have some of the best texturing I've seen... love them. Annnnd cannot forget the Reign strappy heels from the box as well..... gorgeous, they are the shoes I never knew I wanted so much :)

Soooo today is also Friday!!! Another Fifty Linden Friday :D  Oooh so many cute things this week! My fave is the Paper Arrow jeans and the GORGEOUS Reign platforms with color hud :))  It is still Friday last I looked, so get those FLF pretties while you still can :D

Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
Head: Catwa Destiny
Hair: Magika - Suffer Well
Eyes: Ikon Triumph Nymph
Eyeliner & Lipstick: Shiny Stuffs - Essential Kit 
Sweater: Treh blah (Luxe box) September
Pants (Left): Ison (Luxe box) September
Pants (Right): Paper Arrow (FLF - 50L)
Shoes (Left): Reign (Luxe box) September
Shoes (Right): Reign Platform Heels (FLF - 50L)
Necklaces: BF Choker I Love you Silver