My Inventory Archive Pt.1

This page is for a project I have technically been working on for a few years.  I have been snapping pics of my outfits from my saved outfits in the appearance menu.... I do this before I delete them from that menu.  I've been collecting these pics all this time.  I was never entirely sure what I wanted to do with them.  I have decided to create a Inventory Archive page.  It will be a place for me to put them, where I can have them for reference, and just to remind me of the many looks I have put together.  I really wish I had started doing it much sooner than I did.  I would love to have shots from way back at the start of my SLife. I did manage to capture a few of the older pre-mesh looks though :)

Anyway, stay tuned...if this seems like it would be interesting to you.  I will be working on it a bit at a time.

So I am getting the first batch of the pics up.  And yea some of the outfits just make me laugh...wondering what I was thinking at the time :P

The first 30 or so pics are not in any particular order, but they are all pre mesh body pics o.O.  Yep, back in the olden days of my system body ... which is now dead to me :D But I did start this project shortly after I got my slink hands and feet, so I tried to update each outfit with them as I worked on this.

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