Saturday, October 27, 2012

Live Long and Prosper

OOOOK....I loove Star Trek :)  When these dresses showed up at the Cinema...... I could barely contain myself :P  I had to wait until payday to actually go buy one, but finally...... YAY, the blue one is MINE :)

Now a little bit about the pics.  I do not normally do any sort of post processing, just cropping and framing.  I like to play with windlight settings...then show the pics as I actually see them in game.  For this Trekkie post...I decided to do some minor softening to the images. In the original Star Trek series, they would do a LOT of soft focus on the gorgeous women on that show.....sooo this is sort of an homage to that style.

Enjoy :)

Shape: Shiny Stuffs ~ Rose
Skin: LAQ ~ Jennie2 [Fair]
Eyes: IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Cool Silver
Eyeliner: ~Blacklace Beauty~ Eyeliners
Eyeshadow: Fresh (MP)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dawson -  light blondes (mesh)
Dress: e! SciFi Dress (mesh) @Cinema
Hose: [Attitudes] Lace pantyhoses (1L MP)
Boots: A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic - Black (mesh)

I have two songs for this post.  I always choose songs that are favorites of mine.  Sometimes even the song itself has been an inspiration for a particular look.  The first song, by David Bowie, is a fave of mine. It's beautiful and a little bit sad. It is also ... I think obviously a good fit for this sort of post :)  OK....Now the second song.  It is a silly Trekkie rap that I found the other day, and it made me laugh A LOT.  It is NSFW..... just throwing that out there :P

Reminder... the lyrics are NSFW

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