Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Freebies & Freedom

  •  If you would like to skip all my yammering, you can scroll down to bottom of the post to see the outfit and item list.

    I am giving my blog a little bit of attention today, as it has been neglected for more months than I feel like counting :P  I am currently without a working PC and have been for sometime. I do however, now have use of my laptop.  This is good and bad lol.   Good that I have a computer to use..... Bad, because running SL on it, sucks super hard.  I can run it, but only barely with all the graphics turned as far down as they will go.  Soooo, taking great pics.... yea not going to happen on the lappie.   I also only have shared wifi atm, also not conducive for a smooth SL playing experience. 

   BUT, things could be worse, right.  These minor problems in the grand scheme of things are just not so bad.  I take what I can get :)  I still like to log in, shop and freebie hunt through my excruciating lag :P  As the old saying goes .... "it hurts to be beautiful"! 

   Which brings me to my intended topic for today: Freebie Hunting :) I keep a strict budget for SL, so when my hard earned Ls run out, I have freebie hunting to satiate my need to shop.  Also freebie hunting allows me to be introduced to a creator's work that may be new to me, giving me a taste of what they have to offer.  And the hunt itself is enjoyable for me.  It is a win win situation :)

    So, I decided to list a few of the SL fashion freebie resources that I find extremely valuable.  Some of these may be old news to most, some might be brand spankin new.  Either way, it is my intention to pass them along, in hopes it might help out my fellow fashionista brothers and sisters :)

If you have any you would like to pass along, please feel free to link them in the comments section.

In no particular order, here is a quick list of my fave fashion freebie blogs/groups:

  •  Dancing in the Square - Pretty much everything shown/blogged are freebies.  She puts together some of the cutest looks, all made up from freebies. This is a must read blog if you are an habitual freebie hunter!
  • Fab Free - One of the longest running and most well known fashionista freebie blogs and groups in SL.  Go there, read it, love it.  Their community Flickr site is also a must see.  Anyone that adds a pic, must have a freebie or cheapie (75L or under) as part of the outfit.  An absolutely cannot-do-without SL freebie resource. Fab Free also has an in-world store full of all free items, you can check it out here.
  •  A World in a Grain of Sand - A very well put together simple fashion blog.  She showcases primarily free fashion items.  She creates very classy and pretty looks that are presented with a great eye for photography. A really lovely avatar with great  backgrounds and set ups.  Another go-to SL fashion freebie blog, for sure.
  •  SL Free & Offers (SL F & O) - Freebie blog and group that showcases as many freebies from around the grid as they can possibly find!  It also has many stores participating in exclusive gifts just for group members. The in-world group is absolutely amazing, truly it is.  It is a very chatty well moderated group, full of many many helpful people.  If you have a question about pretty much anything SL fashion and freebie related - you will definitely find an answer or be directed as to where to find that answer.  It also a great place to just chat about fashion and meet other like minded residents.  Join up, you will wonder how you lived with out it :)
  •   Happily, Ever After in Second Life - Gorgeous fashion blog!  Really, her avatar is beautifully put together and she does it using quite a lot of super great freebie finds.  I would say (on average more or less) about half n half - half freebies, half full priced and sale items. She also writes a lot, so its not just pics and item lists. She has stuff to say, and I really enjoy that.  Makes her seem, to me,  really personable and relate-able.  I also really like the way she incorporates the free stuff into her looks, really builds on her avatar...giving each look a lot of personality.  Makes this blog not just a valuable freebie resource, but a valuable fashion resource.

Yay! for Marriage Freedom and Equality!

Skin: -Glam Affair - Yolandi skin - America 06 (Uber)
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes - Blue
Liner: DA - Thick Liner Black (Strong)  
Lipgloss: Bonita - Tinted Lipgloss - pink (10L MP)
Lashes: (Chemistry) Long Lashes (FREE MP)
Hair: Moon. Hair. // Pixie Harlow (FREE - group gift)
Shirt: Sn@tch Love Wins Tee (FREE - look for the rainbow!)
Earring: [MANDALA]SENJYU Eearring
Ring: (Yummy) Ice Ring - Ice Stones & Silver

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