Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sneaky Feet :)

Soooo, I looove heels in SL , Ive so many in my inventory that I often forget what I have bought. In RL, I don't wear them, I live in my chucks lol.  Boring, I know.... but hard to change my ways at my age :P   Funny enough, I love all my sneakers in SL as well...and I wear them a lot, even though I have folders and folders of heels lol.

So my post today is honor of my sneaks! I even got all dressed up for them :D

Head: CATWA Catya (bento)
Face Applier: Glam Affair Zoella (gacha applier)
Body: Maitreya Lara 3.5
Hair: Magika Checkpoint
Dress: Una Rose Silk Outfit (Hair Wreath included) (Kinky event)
Shoes:Horntail Genjuro Shibara Sneakers
Hose: Maitreya Slouch Stockings
Tatts: White Widow Loving Pink

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