Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Do Blondes Have More Fun......?

I don't often wear dark hair in SL anymore.  I used to, when I first started, wear mostly brunette and black colors. After a year or so....I made a switch to blonde.  I do prefer my AV as a blonde, so that is not going to change to much.  But finding really good blonde textures has always been somewhat frustrating.  I do have my fave hair brands, that have amazing blondes...But I can count those on one hand.  This doesn't mean I don't wear hairs that are not quite as great as my favorites, I do..because I often love the styles, but I don't find myself going back and buying to many that are not in my TOP fave hair stores....all because I am disappointed in the blond textures.

Anyway.... this is really not some huge crazy problem lol,  There are much worse things in the world than my frustration over pixel hairs :P It was just something I was thinking about tonight while playing dress up.... so I decided to snap some pics of my AV in dark hair.  Love that about SL...I can change hair color at the click of a button. No muss no fuss :)

Body: Maitreya 3.5
Head: Genesis - Melissa 
Head Applier: Genesis - Fiona - Cream (Group Gift-250L fee)
Eye Shadow Applier: Genesis - Wet Eyeshadow (Liu gacha collection)
Eyes: IKON Hope - Blue
Hair: Lamb - Dolly (The Arcade Gacha)
Dress: Blueberry Alissa T-shirt dress
Necklace: Plastik Ly Chain Necklace

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